CE Technical Has Provided Electronics Design, Assembly and Engineering Services Since 1974.
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Company Profile

CE Technical began as a small company designing and building power supplies for surplus radios used by Amatuer Radio Operators during the 1970's and 80's . During the introduction of the integrated circuit into the commercial market CE Technical experimented with these "gate" components. Mainly building experimental circuits and becoming familiar with the circuit integration concept.

CE Technical also became involved during this time in schematic development and print circuit board (PCB) layout for already established commercial customers. All work during this time was done by hand with drafting aids, what computer programs that were available were extremely expensive. CE Technical was to later aquire and become proficient with a computer aided drafting program used to this day.

The next major advance in electronics design saw CE Technical become fully involved in micro-controller product design both for the automotive communications market and home HVAC control. CE Technical developed an automated radio telephone interconnect placed into service by a local communications company in the days before the cellular system became fully deployed.

CE Technical entered the agricultural electronics control field, now its primary focus, with the development of a micro-controller based backflush filter controller for a well known local company. That company still employs CE Technical services and designs to this day.

Keeping pace with the expanding capabilities of the micro-controller CE Technical has designed products with advanced features such as graphic displays, radio interfaces, solar charging circuits and micro power battery operated hardware. Both analog and digital circuit design is incorporated into these latest product designs.
Since 1974

CE Technical

Technical Engineering and Consulting in Electronics